28 November 2012

Worldless Wednesday #1

27 November 2012

Sunye is getting married!

This is Sunye
She's beautiful.
and she is only 23. (born in 1989)
and she's getting married next January. OMG! (26 Jan 2013 to be precisely)

oh, before I forget. She's a singer from the Wonder Girls
I like her and Yenny the most in Wonder Girls. They have beautiful voices.
Now, that I heard they will do more solo activities, hopefully Yenny will get to release her solo album. She's a talented composer. 
Ok. enough with WG. 

Omg. Sunye... awwww... she's getting married. 
This is how I feel whenever I heard my friends will get married. You know.. the feeling.. letting your friend to enter a new phase in their life, while praying you will experience the same thing in your life one day. 

 I'm happy for her. 
Congratulations Sunye! 

Few songs from Wonder Girls

WG wear Baju Kurung during concert in Malaysia. So pretty.

Cuci blog

Blog bersawang minta dicuci
akhirnya tuan empunya blog munculkan diri
dah ada masa ni, apa lagi
habis dia modify semua sekali

sekian, pantun suka suki untuk hari ini
moga berjumpa lagi di lain hari.