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16 August 2016

Descendants Of the Sun fever

It's been so long for me to have Kdrama fever. Remember this post?  Descendants of The Sun or DOTS as many fans said brings back kdrama fever in me. Believe it or not, i watched this drama 5-6 times already. And dont think it will stop at 6. lol. i'm sure i'll watch it again for n-th times. To be honest, the first reason why i started this drama because of its hype. The hype about this drama has started since last year. So, it's like the most anticipating drama for 2016. Comeback drama for JoongKi post army and comeback drama for Hye Gyo after her last drama 3 years ago. 

What i like about DOTS? 
  • Song-Song Couple! Tbh, i know Joongki from his Running Man days. I never watch his drama or film before. So, you can see that i'm not his fan before. But this drama turn me into Joongki's fan. Haha... Melting with his acting as Captain Yoo Si Jin. And the chemistry between Song-Song couple is amazing. 
  • Plot. Story about doctor and army is new. at least for me. Something fresh. no love triangle. No rich man poor woman. Beautiful scenes. Plus, they were not really focusing on love story, but there's multiple events that happened between characters and between team doctors and team soldiers. 
  • OSTs. Love the songs!! My favourites

Ok. Now

What i dont like about DOTS?

Unrealistic plot. Actually my biggest issue is on episode 14. Lol. i really was not satisfied with this episode. Ok. let me explain frame by frame.

See, Captain Yoo was on his mission. Unfortunately he got shot. Multiple gun-shot. My wild guess, he was wearing bullet proof. Because that's the only logical explanation that i can accept - referring to next scene at the hospital. Doctor Kang was totally shocked when she saw Yoo Si Jin came to hospital covered in blood.

I dont know if the procedure she made correct or not, but i guess there's real doctors at site to monitor their medical scene. He was in cardiac arrest. After few minutes, his heartbeat returned, wake up, and first question is...

like..seriously dude.. you got shot! you should be in operation room and doctor should try to remove the bullets from your body. He got blood on his shirt. For sure he got gun shot somewhere right??? but no, he need to have showdown

This illogical/ unrealistic scenes is bugging me. Like.. i cant really enjoy this amazing episode because of this scenes. 

Dont make me started with episode 15&16. Lol. i wish they show more on how yoo si jin and seo dae yeong survived. after one year, they still in their uniform complete with wound/ injuries. However Song Hye Gyo is superb in ep 15. I cried watching her cried. She deserved award for her acting. Thumbs up!

This post is getting longer than i expect. I should end here. Sorry for the bipolar post. lol. I do love DOTS a lot! Just unsatisfied with few things. Even, while i was writing this post, i was watching DOTS again. haha... ^__^

26 June 2015

Bang Bang Bang & We Like To Party

For June Comeback

Bang Bang Bang MV

We Like 2 Party MV

01 May 2015

Bigbang Is Back- Loser MV & Bae Bae MV

Loser MV

Bae Bae Mv

19 April 2015


Finally they are coming back!

p/s: holding scissors itching to cut daesung's hair.. lmao. so ready for this comeback and get the new album. seungri looks the best here. haha.. and why i'm writing in small font?? ok never mind. going to watch that trailer again. 

02 June 2014


My Korean Drama Mania

To make a list just for Top 3 Korean dramas is quite hard. Since I was a big fan of Korean Dramas, I have so many favourites. My craziness towards Korean drama started since...ermmm.. ? Ahh... I can't really remember in what year but it's all started when TV3 broadcast the epic Hallyu Wave starter 'Winter Sonata' and then followed by 'Autumn In My Heart'. Yess... blame these two dramas. Hahaha... I fall in love with Korea land, and Korean actors.

01 June 2014

My DIY: Ddakji

Entri ni special untuk anak-anak saudara aku. Budak-budak kecik ni la yang menjadi punca nape aku semangat belajar buat benda ni.

Ok..sape pernah tengok rancangan Running Man mesti tau pasal permainan Ddakji. Ddakji-nama Korea bagi permainan ni. Anak sedara suka sangat tengok Running Man, dan nak sangat main Ddakji. Tapi tak pandai nak buat. So, diorang suruh aku buat. Pantang jumpa pasti minta buatkan Ddakji. Tension aku. Aku tak pandai. Kertas pun takde. Terpaksa google cara nak buat. (beralasan giler mak sedara sorang nih.. heh!)

Dah google, aku try buat sendiri....senang je sebenarnya.... =)

2 keping kertas segi empat sama.
Pakai kertas origami lagi cun sebab memang dah sama saiz dan ada pilihan warna. Tapi...kalau takde, ambil surat khabar je atau kertas A4, pandai2 la gunting sampai jadi segi 4 sama.


1. Guna dua kertas segi empat sama. Berlainan warna adalah digalakkan. Baru ada variasi.

2. Lipat kedua-dua kertas seperti dalam gambar di bawah

3. Lipat bahagian hujung ke tengah. Terbalikkan, dan lipat bahagian hujung (another one) ke tengah sekali lagi. (Rujuk gambar di bawah)  Ulang proses ini untuk kertas yang kedua. 

4. Letakkan kertas berwarna pink diatas kertas merah seperti gambar dibawah [1]. Kemudian lipat bahagian merah [2], diikuti dengan warna pink [3], merah [4], dan akhir sekali selitkan yg berwarna pink ke dalam lipatan merah [5].

5. Bentuk Ddakji adalah seperti ini. Untuk bermain, seorang pemain memerlukan 2 Ddakji, jadi buat lagi beberapa Ddakji pelbagai warna untuk bermain dengan pemain lain.

Since 2 orang anak saudara aku yg mintak buat benda ni, so aku buat 4 Ddakji. Sekarang ni nak ajar diorang untuk buat sendiri. Senang nanti kt rumah diorang, boleh buat sendiri. 

Cara bermain: 

27 May 2014

The Return Of Superman

Sekarang ini aku ada follow satu variety show yang disiarkan di KBS channel. The Return Of Superman. Rancangan ini cerita pasal kehidupan 4 orang ayah menghabiskan masa bersama anak-anak mereka selama 3 hari 2 malam. Aku suka tengok show ni sebab anak-anak diorang sangat comel. 

27 November 2012

Sunye is getting married!

This is Sunye
She's beautiful.
and she is only 23. (born in 1989)
and she's getting married next January. OMG! (26 Jan 2013 to be precisely)

oh, before I forget. She's a singer from the Wonder Girls
I like her and Yenny the most in Wonder Girls. They have beautiful voices.
Now, that I heard they will do more solo activities, hopefully Yenny will get to release her solo album. She's a talented composer. 
Ok. enough with WG. 

Omg. Sunye... awwww... she's getting married. 
This is how I feel whenever I heard my friends will get married. You know.. the feeling.. letting your friend to enter a new phase in their life, while praying you will experience the same thing in your life one day. 

 I'm happy for her. 
Congratulations Sunye! 

Few songs from Wonder Girls

WG wear Baju Kurung during concert in Malaysia. So pretty.

15 January 2012

Korean drama- What's Up?

I'm following this korean drama right now. What's Up?
Story about students who enter in musical department in college. And it is a musical drama. So aspect good originals and cover version from What's Up? All I can say is... great script, great plot line, great acting, great singing!!! What's Up? is great!

Link for english sub episodes.  Kimchidramas

There's only 5 more episodes left..

Left you guys with this...

Episode 13

His voice is so angelic..... ^_^

07 January 2012

Park Jimin - KPOP Star Winner???

No... not yet a winner.
But Park Ji Min has lots of potential to be the winner of this show- SBS K-POP Star. And guess what? she's only 15!

Her cover of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"

06 July 2011

I miss Dumber Daesung!

Siapa yang pernah tengok Family Outing pasti kenal daesung kan? Siapa yang minat k-pop dan peminat kumpulan Bigbang obviously pasti kenal Daesung. Tapi ini aku nak cerita pasal Daesung dalam Family Outing. Bermula dari dialah aku kenal dengan k-pop. Kalau tidak sebelum ni aku memang malas nak ambil tahu pasal dunia k-pop.

Thanks to my friend, dialah yg ajak aku tengok Family Outing ni. Bagi yang tak tau, Family Outing is one of variety shows yang ada kt Korea. Memang famous la kt sana. Semua sekali ada 85 episod. Sayangnya rancangan ni dah tak de dah. Masa mula-mula aku tengok Family Outing, serious sorang pun aku tak kenal. Mati-mati aku ingatkan semua yang ada dalam family tu comedian. Tak sangka plak diorang tu top stars kat sana.

Tak tau dah berapa kali aku duk ulang tengok cerita Family Outing ni. Setiap kali aku tengok balik, pasti aku duk gelak2 punya walaupun aku dah tau apa yg berlaku. Dumb and Dumber brothers yang paling aku suka. Bila dua orang ni bergabung memang meletup. Ade je lawak yang diorang buat. Maknae Daesung dalam Family ni memang adorable la. Cute maknae. hehe... Sebab dia lah aku jadi minat ngan group bigbang.

Some funny moments with Daesung in Family Outing....

Ni lah starting untuk Dumb & Dumber. hahaha.... sengal tul diorang time ni.

wahh..rindu ngan Family Outing. Chemistry diorang memang menjadi. Macam real family je tengok diorang.

24 February 2011

BigBang is BACK!!!

Finally!!! After 2 years Bigbang make a comeback!
Excited beb. Favourite group release album baru. walaupun mini album, tapi sangat2 berkualiti ok!

tak nak cakap lebih2.. sape2 yang masuk sini kalau nak dengar lagu2 terbaru diorang..meh sini kita dengar... 

B.I.G.B.A.N.G. Be. T.H.E.B.E.S.T
(no more word to explain)

hmm... mula2 dengar aku rasa mcm biasa je lagu ni. best tu mmg best tp sbb part daesung sket sangat jd tak terasa sangat. choreography diorang mmg mantap. after tengok 2-3 kali diorang punya persembahan, melekat kt kepala especially part Taeyang... Tonight... tonight.. dengan tangan yang melambai-lambai tu.. hehe..

lagu feveret! hook lagu ni aku rasa part daesung. bila dia start je nyanyi.. huhuu.. with jazzy style mmg mengancam habis ahh.. then sambung ngan top's rap. mmg killer part.. falsetto gd mmg cun.

melodi lagu ni sweet. i like it!

Better than Japan's version.

yang ni aku rasa dua2 version best. mmg sesuai untuk perform kat konsert. very happening.

29 November 2010

Big Bang fever...

Okay.. sebelum bercerita panjang, aku nak letak dulu gambar hero-hero pujaan aku ini. Uhuk! Tak lah sampai tahap fanatik. Tapi aku minat giler lah dengan 5 jejaka handsome ini.

Big Bang

Ni lah kumpulan famous amos dari dunia k-pop. BIG BANG!!!

Sekarang ni aku sebenarnya dilanda Big Bang fever. Dah berbulan-bulan aku demam. Uhuk! Uhuk! Big Bang fever ni tak kebah2. Setia je duk teman aku hari-hari. 

Jujurnya, sebelum aku minat kumpulan Big Bang ni, aku langsung tak pandang, tak dengar dan tak minat lagu-lagu korea walaupun aku ni peminat tegar drama-drama korea. Sebab bagi aku diorang ni hanya bersandarkan rupa paras yang bajet handsome dan ala-ala pretty boy gituh tapi lagu bukannya sedap pun. Hish.. x minat la aku lagu tu. 

Bibit perkenalan antara aku dengan Big Bang ni bermula bila aku tengok cerita Family Outing. Kamu tahu rancangan Family Outing? Kalau tak tau, nanti aku cerita..lain kali la dehh.. ni aku nak citer pasal Big Bang. Fokus! Fokus! hehehe..

Bila dah terfollow cerita FO, aku jadi terminat kat Daesung-salah sorang ahli Big Bang.  Lepas tu aku mula duk tercari-cari lagu Big Bang. Sekali bila dah terjumpa..hambek ko! Tak de berpatah balik dahh.... terus je maju ke depan. No turning back. 

Aku suka style muzik diorang. Aku suka tarian diorang. Very da ba bomb! gituhh.. Dan aku suka semangat dan kesungguhan diorang. Kalau nak tahu, sebelum Big Bang ditubuhkan, mereka 5 orang ni terlebih dahulu perlu melalui proses ujibakat yang sangat panjang. Berbulan-bulan diorang berlatih sebelum pemilihan dibuat. Diorang ada siarkan dokumentari tentang proses pemilihan ini. Setiap aktiviti dan latihan diorang dirakam dan disiarkan dalam dokumentari ini. Aku pun ada tengok rancangan ini. Kalau kamu nak tengok leh cari kat youtube

Bila aku tengok diorang, aku jadi termalu dengan diri sendiri. Sebab apa? diorang ni sebenarnya lebih kurang je umur ngan aku. Tapi berkat kesungguhan plus bakat yang diorang ada.. sekarang ni diorang dah jadi kaya-raya dah.. Merata-rata pergi orang kenal Big Bang ni. 

Dari usia muda lagi diorang dah nampak minat dan potensi diorang dalam bidang mana. Bila dilatih, diasuh hari-hari... jadi lah camtu.. 

Kita pun boleh jadi macam diorang gak. Kalau kita buat sesuatu benda yang kita minat, tak payah tunggu orang lain suruh, kita sendiri yang akan usaha lebih kuat untuk berjaya. Betul tak? Kalau kita dapat kerja yang dah memang minat kita, hari-hari kerja pun tak pe. Semua jadi seronok. huaaa...bestnye. Kalau gitu, aku nak kerja kat agensi pelancongan lah. Aku suka pergi melancong, walaupun aku tak pernah melancong sebelum ini.

Salah satu lagu bahasa Jepun diorang yang aku paling minat.

ni plak.. lagu LIES. lagu yang telah menaikkan nama BIG BANG.

ada sape-sape peminat Big Bang kt sini? hehehhee... selamat berkenalan...  (^_^)