16 August 2016

Descendants Of the Sun fever

It's been so long for me to have Kdrama fever. Remember this post?  Descendants of The Sun or DOTS as many fans said brings back kdrama fever in me. Believe it or not, i watched this drama 5-6 times already. And dont think it will stop at 6. lol. i'm sure i'll watch it again for n-th times. To be honest, the first reason why i started this drama because of its hype. The hype about this drama has started since last year. So, it's like the most anticipating drama for 2016. Comeback drama for JoongKi post army and comeback drama for Hye Gyo after her last drama 3 years ago. 

What i like about DOTS? 
  • Song-Song Couple! Tbh, i know Joongki from his Running Man days. I never watch his drama or film before. So, you can see that i'm not his fan before. But this drama turn me into Joongki's fan. Haha... Melting with his acting as Captain Yoo Si Jin. And the chemistry between Song-Song couple is amazing. 
  • Plot. Story about doctor and army is new. at least for me. Something fresh. no love triangle. No rich man poor woman. Beautiful scenes. Plus, they were not really focusing on love story, but there's multiple events that happened between characters and between team doctors and team soldiers. 
  • OSTs. Love the songs!! My favourites

Ok. Now

What i dont like about DOTS?

Unrealistic plot. Actually my biggest issue is on episode 14. Lol. i really was not satisfied with this episode. Ok. let me explain frame by frame.

See, Captain Yoo was on his mission. Unfortunately he got shot. Multiple gun-shot. My wild guess, he was wearing bullet proof. Because that's the only logical explanation that i can accept - referring to next scene at the hospital. Doctor Kang was totally shocked when she saw Yoo Si Jin came to hospital covered in blood.

I dont know if the procedure she made correct or not, but i guess there's real doctors at site to monitor their medical scene. He was in cardiac arrest. After few minutes, his heartbeat returned, wake up, and first question is...

like..seriously dude.. you got shot! you should be in operation room and doctor should try to remove the bullets from your body. He got blood on his shirt. For sure he got gun shot somewhere right??? but no, he need to have showdown

This illogical/ unrealistic scenes is bugging me. Like.. i cant really enjoy this amazing episode because of this scenes. 

Dont make me started with episode 15&16. Lol. i wish they show more on how yoo si jin and seo dae yeong survived. after one year, they still in their uniform complete with wound/ injuries. However Song Hye Gyo is superb in ep 15. I cried watching her cried. She deserved award for her acting. Thumbs up!

This post is getting longer than i expect. I should end here. Sorry for the bipolar post. lol. I do love DOTS a lot! Just unsatisfied with few things. Even, while i was writing this post, i was watching DOTS again. haha... ^__^

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