23 May 2016

Movie: FAN

I watched it last month. but only today i got that mood to write in my bloggy. Heh. Planned to watch with my friend but end up watching it alone. Didn't matter. I enjoyed myself. No hal lah.
Ok stop rambling. Let's go straight to FAN.

After Dilwale, i was waiting for SRK's next movie. And this time, i really enjoy his acting. He played two characters, Gaurav and Aryan. As a superstar and an obsessive fan. He did great job. I feel like i can sympathize with both characters. However, I end up didn't root for neither Gaurav nor Aryan . Because, both have their faults and egos.

About the plot, the first chapter is all about Gaurav. A young man who has genuine wish to see his big idol. I do find it's quite creepy though... why? Cause Gaurav is looking exactly like younger Shah Rukh Khan. But there were moment that made me forgot that he is Shah Rukh Khan. He is just Gaurav. Damn CGI and makeup! lol.

look at that!!! shahrukh khan zaman muda!!

The second chapter is gearing towards Aryan. I do wish the director continue more with Gaurav story. Now Aryan the superstar takes the lead and leading the story. But i wish they slow down the chasing scenes. After 2 times, it got a lit bit repetitive...i was like.... are you guys not tired? and Aryan? stop acting like hero just ask your bodyguard to catch Gaurav. lol.

The ending is kind of heartbreaking. After it ended..i feel numb. kind of speechless. I have this tiny little hope that they'll have happy ending for both. but....that's not what i got. It's like...even till the end of that chasing and after they met, both still don't understand each other's point of view. Kinda sad. I feel sad for Gaurav but at the same time... i understand why Aryan did that.

The film reminds of my own obsession towards my favourite group, Bigbang. Even though i have passed that phase. (still love them just i no longer have time to spend on them) But i remember staying all night, didn't sleep (what is sleep...) just to watch Bigbang videos. The time that i should study or do my assignments but i end up wasting my time reading and chatting with my online friends about Bigbang. i appreciate the friendhip with them... still keep in touch with them through twitter but i wish i realize this sooner and spending my time wisely.

Moral of the story... be modest.      Enjoy the film!! ^__^