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23 January 2017


after 2015 M-A-D-E singles.. Bigbang finally release their 3rd full abum. which consists three new songs plus 8 songs from M-A-D-E singles. 1 year delay and we only got 3  new songs. 
Anyway.... this year i think i will have less time to update about them. My phase as Bigbang's fan is nearing the end. Afterall, they will focus more on solo activity this year. 

So, i guess this will be my last Bigbang item that i purchased


20 August 2016

Thank You Lee Chong Wei

Sad, but he is sadder
Regret, but he has more regret
Not once, not twice but thrice 
3 times you made to Olympics final
2008 - 2012 - 2016
Not many can do the same like him
But he did it. He made it to the final

3 silver Olympics medals from him.
Dear Lee Chong Wei, 
Really want you to win. For you. For Yourself
Know how much gold medal meant for you
What could be the last Olympics for you
Thank you for winning silver
We are going to miss you
You are our nation's pride 
We're so proud of you 
Thank you Lee Chong Wei 
Thank you.

01 April 2015

New Hard Disk

I have one bad habit. I tend to copy and save any dramas, movies, shows, music videos, mp3 files into my hard disk. either in laptop or in my external hard disk. Sometimes, i don't really want to watch them but still, i'll save them first. Watch or doesn't matter. All I know is... save! save! save! 

So the you can expect...will be like this.

all in red! almost full. =( 

so, the solution is...get a new hard disk! =)
actually i should delete some of the files..but *sayang la nak buang =P*

The price is quite okay. I got discount for it. Haha!
Last day shopping before gst. The price probably get higher after this due to that extra 6%

17 November 2014

a date with Baymax!

haha... have you watch Baymax? you must ok! this marshmallow fella is adorable. lol

If you watch Disney's new movie- Big Hero 6 then you will see this cute character Baymax. "Your personal health companion"

To be honest I didn't plan to watch this movie, but then me n my sister just went to mbo to "visit" yeahh... I said "visit" lol. but we end up bought two tickets to watch this movie. totally enjoy watching it. I think I'll buy the dvd when it come out. something I dislike whenever watching movies in cinema is the kids' voices in the cinema hello!!! can you guys watch the movie peacefully without making so much noise. -_-

Okay back to the movie. There's lot funny and cute moments throughout this movie. Most of the time I just LOL!!! i wish the brother was still with his little brother and Baymax till end.. One thing that surprised me was the appearance of "Stargate" lol. If you have watched Stargate before then you will notice the Stargate reference in this movie. Anyway... here's the trailer. Watch it guys!! 

02 June 2014

My Korean Drama Mania

To make a list just for Top 3 Korean dramas is quite hard. Since I was a big fan of Korean Dramas, I have so many favourites. My craziness towards Korean drama started since...ermmm.. ? Ahh... I can't really remember in what year but it's all started when TV3 broadcast the epic Hallyu Wave starter 'Winter Sonata' and then followed by 'Autumn In My Heart'. Yess... blame these two dramas. Hahaha... I fall in love with Korea land, and Korean actors.

19 May 2014

My Review: Commitment

Another movie review from me. hehe... I'm thinking to do this as part of my blog contents. At least now I have an idea on how to make this blog *not*like*hidup segan mati tak mahu* (read: frozen blog)

Commitment/Alumni was a Korean film released in November 2013. See that poster above? Yeah..that handsome man. He was the main actor Choi Seunghyun a.k.a T.O.P. Who else were acting in this film? No need to know. The film was purely from T.O.P to the fans of T.O.P. No kidding! (ok...jk)
The other actors were Han Yeri, Kim Yoo Jung, etc.. I put etc coz really the other actors only have little screen time and lines. For T.O.P's fans, you would be more than satisfied with this film coz you got what you want. Which is.... the T.O.P. the close up of his face, the major lines, major screen times, all about T.O.P.

17 May 2014

My Review: Chak De! India

Chak De! India. 
One of my favourite Shah Rukh Khan movies. It's a super cliché sport movie. Ha ha! So basically we can predict the storyline, what will happen at the end, or who will be the winner. The plot is cliché but's a sport movie. So of coz we're rooting for the underdog! But what make it different is that it's a Bollywood movie but not in Bollywood-style movie. You know...the usual dancing, songs, cheesy love story in Bollywood. So don't worry, there's no hockey player suddenly dancing to some songs while holding hockey sticks, or random dancing in different stadiums just to show that they are hockey team. LMAO... I'm glad the director, Mr. Shimit Amin didn't go to that route and stick to make a real sport movie. That's why I really enjoy watching this movie. It feels and looks fresh coming from Bollywood. The cinematography is excellent, the choreography hockey match sequence is A PLUS!! Amazing hockey games play by the girls.

Coach Kabir Khan... you're the man!

Shah Rukh gives an excellent performance in this movie. One of the best from him actually and lots of fans and non-fans agree with that. So no surprise when he got Best Actor award for this movie. Credit also must be given to the 16 Chak De Girls. U go Girls! Very impressed with them. I did some background check of the girls, and some of them were indeed have experience with hockey. No wonder! 

"Unity In Diversity" 
16 girls coming from different places in India with different background stories united in one team under one coach and fighting for one nation. A good lesson to everybody especially here in Malaysia. 

I bought the dvd few years ago. Last night I watch it again. Hah! Bring back memory of me and my good friend. 

19 December 2012

Number One For Me

Number One For Me
I really like this song. When i first time listen to this song, i cry. Still not fully understand the meaning, but the song itself makes me cry. Then I watch the MV, legit cry ok. I miss my mom. She's number one for me. I want to be a good daughter, try not make her cry. I want to make her proud of me.

This week is full of stress. I don't know how my future will be. This phobia need to go. It ruins me. Doesn't make me any better. Full of stress with no end. Sometimes, i want to quit, but i know mom will be disappointed at me. I want to finish this for my mom. I hope I can do it. I have to do it. I need to do it.