02 June 2014

My Korean Drama Mania

To make a list just for Top 3 Korean dramas is quite hard. Since I was a big fan of Korean Dramas, I have so many favourites. My craziness towards Korean drama started since...ermmm.. ? Ahh... I can't really remember in what year but it's all started when TV3 broadcast the epic Hallyu Wave starter 'Winter Sonata' and then followed by 'Autumn In My Heart'. Yess... blame these two dramas. Hahaha... I fall in love with Korea land, and Korean actors.

During this period, there were so many Korean dramas that I watched, mostly the one which broadcast on TV3. Thanks TV3. During that time, there was no internet so my source was only from tv. Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart, Hotelier, The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl, All About Eve.. these were few of my favourite dramas during my school life.

During my college days, I have no TV. Haha.. so yeah.. no more Korean drama to watch. But..that was just a temporary phase. See, my friends and I shared the same hobby. We love Korean dramas! Hah! That's a start of new phase in my 'Korean-drama-crazy-life'. We like to borrow and buy Korean drama dvds. We shared and exchanged these dvds together. 'Sharing is caring' - our motto. There were many times when we stayed up late till morning to watch Korean drama together, especially after exams or during weekend. And most of the time I watched it alone in my room. This one can be a bit crazier since I could watch it back to back episodes till the end. And then I became a panda (coz lack of sleep). Hehe.. To name a few... Wonderful Life, My Girl, Goong, Love Story In Harvard, Hello! Miss, Sad Sonata, Coffee Prince... these were few dramas in my favourite lists.

Now I am no longer a big fan of Korean dramas, but I still watch some of them. Depend on the feedback/reviews I read from people who have watched that drama. If it sounds good, and popular, I might try to watch. I love What's Up!, Reply 1997, School 2013, Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts..(these were some dramas that I can remember now that I watched and I like them). There were few dramas recently I watched but I found myself quite struggle to finish them like Dream High, The Heirs, A Gentlemen's Dignity... My eagerness to watch Korean drama is getting less and less... Haha.. dont ask me why.... maybe this mania is coming to end. But heyyy... it's a fun journey!

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