17 November 2014

a date with Baymax!

haha... have you watch Baymax? you must ok! this marshmallow fella is adorable. lol

If you watch Disney's new movie- Big Hero 6 then you will see this cute character Baymax. "Your personal health companion"

To be honest I didn't plan to watch this movie, but then me n my sister just went to mbo to "visit" yeahh... I said "visit" lol. but we end up bought two tickets to watch this movie. totally enjoy watching it. I think I'll buy the dvd when it come out. something I dislike whenever watching movies in cinema is the kids' voices in the cinema hall....like hello!!! can you guys watch the movie peacefully without making so much noise. -_-

Okay back to the movie. There's lot funny and cute moments throughout this movie. Most of the time I just LOL!!! i wish the brother was still with his little brother and Baymax till end.. One thing that surprised me was the appearance of "Stargate" lol. If you have watched Stargate before then you will notice the Stargate reference in this movie. Anyway... here's the trailer. Watch it guys!! 

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