01 April 2015

New Hard Disk

I have one bad habit. I tend to copy and save any dramas, movies, shows, music videos, mp3 files into my hard disk. either in laptop or in my external hard disk. Sometimes, i don't really want to watch them but still, i'll save them first. Watch or not...it doesn't matter. All I know is... save! save! save! 

So the result...as you can expect...will be like this.

all in red! almost full. =( 

so, the solution is...get a new hard disk! =)
actually i should delete some of the files..but *sayang la nak buang =P*

The price is quite okay. I got discount for it. Haha!
Last day shopping before gst. The price probably get higher after this due to that extra 6%

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Cikgu Norazimah said...

Salam mesra..

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