19 May 2014

My Review: Commitment

Another movie review from me. hehe... I'm thinking to do this as part of my blog contents. At least now I have an idea on how to make this blog *not*like*hidup segan mati tak mahu* (read: frozen blog)

Commitment/Alumni was a Korean film released in November 2013. See that poster above? Yeah..that handsome man. He was the main actor Choi Seunghyun a.k.a T.O.P. Who else were acting in this film? No need to know. The film was purely from T.O.P to the fans of T.O.P. No kidding! (ok...jk)
The other actors were Han Yeri, Kim Yoo Jung, etc.. I put etc coz really the other actors only have little screen time and lines. For T.O.P's fans, you would be more than satisfied with this film coz you got what you want. Which is.... the T.O.P. the close up of his face, the major lines, major screen times, all about T.O.P.

I watched this film last March with my brother. Suddenly both of us became film critiques. LOL. One major flaw in this film was the plot. The confusing plot and the editing of scenes sequence. Very choppy if I could say. Well, I guess this was  the result of changing the main director in the middle of production. 

I was expecting to see more of the scenes between Choi Seunghyun and Kim Yoo Jung as they were acting as brother and sister. But nope! Their scenes together were so short and so little. They didn't even see each other at the end.. T__T (sorry spoiler). Kim Yoo Jung also didn't have many scenes by herself. I told you... T.O.P has major part of screen time. So for the other characters...they need to interact and encounter with T.O.P's character to come out on screen. 

Kim Yoo Jung & T.O.P as Ri Hye In & Ri Myung Hoon

When talking about TOP's acting in this film, i can't ignore this part- His eyes!  He looks so innocent. Even though his character in this film is a killer. A North Korean spy to be exact, but his character- Ri Myung Hoon is just a 19 year old lonely man who try to save his younger sister. He convinced me in that part.  I sympathized with his character. He looks gloomy and so lonely in this film. Someone asked me about his acting. Did he improved or not. I said yes. Definitely. Big improvement from IRIS. Little improvement from Into The Fire. I said little coz he's still playing in his comfort zone. Serious character, killer, and less dialogue. I want to see him acting in different character. And please...different ending; a happy ending hopefully. Just to see his smile on screen. 

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