17 May 2014

My Review: Chak De! India

Chak De! India. 
One of my favourite Shah Rukh Khan movies. It's a super cliché sport movie. Ha ha! So basically we can predict the storyline, what will happen at the end, or who will be the winner. The plot is cliché but heyy...it's a sport movie. So of coz we're rooting for the underdog! But what make it different is that it's a Bollywood movie but not in Bollywood-style movie. You know...the usual dancing, songs, cheesy love story in Bollywood. So don't worry, there's no hockey player suddenly dancing to some songs while holding hockey sticks, or random dancing in different stadiums just to show that they are hockey team. LMAO... I'm glad the director, Mr. Shimit Amin didn't go to that route and stick to make a real sport movie. That's why I really enjoy watching this movie. It feels and looks fresh coming from Bollywood. The cinematography is excellent, the choreography hockey match sequence is A PLUS!! Amazing hockey games play by the girls.

Coach Kabir Khan... you're the man!

Shah Rukh gives an excellent performance in this movie. One of the best from him actually and lots of fans and non-fans agree with that. So no surprise when he got Best Actor award for this movie. Credit also must be given to the 16 Chak De Girls. U go Girls! Very impressed with them. I did some background check of the girls, and some of them were indeed have experience with hockey. No wonder! 

"Unity In Diversity" 
16 girls coming from different places in India with different background stories united in one team under one coach and fighting for one nation. A good lesson to everybody especially here in Malaysia. 

I bought the dvd few years ago. Last night I watch it again. Hah! Bring back memory of me and my good friend. 

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