23 May 2014

World Cup Official Songs

It's back! World Cup is back this year. I don't have favourite team or prediction of which team will be the champion.. So..Lets the best team win!

But what I'm going to say here is the World Cup Official Song. I heard some comments about it from my twitter friends.. They didn't like it at all. So.. I heard it myself

errkk!!! Seriously???! Ooo my goshh.. It's bad. really bad. Bring back my Waka Waka eh eh...

Anyway..here is my favourite list.

My Top 3 Favourite World Cup Official Songs

2010- Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

1998- The Cup Of Life

2006- Celebrate The Day

Are you ready for World Cup 2014 in Brazil? (12 June- 13 July 2014)

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